The New Favorite Spot for Americans in Paris

La renommée restaurant in Paris

Its name might not ring a bell, but Hogsalt is akin to Paris Society in the US: a mega hospitality group known for some of the most desirable restaurants in America. Just steps from the Bourse de Commerce, their first Parisian address is called La Renommée, adopting the wooden decor of one of their flagship New York establishments, 4 Charles Prime Rib. We indulged in a gargantuan feast there...



The Renomée restaurant menu

La Renommée exudes the atmosphere of an old Paris between the wars, with antique paintings, tapestries, wooden walls, and leather banquettes. It's a romanticized Paris where one wouldn't be surprised to see a chanteuse with a cigarette holder. It's worth noting that Americans are in charge here! The result: impeccable service, hearty and sophisticated classic dishes, and a Parisian touch with a stylish twist.

Enter: with a certain panache, whole grilled langoustines arrive halved (48 €), massive bone marrow bones weigh heavily (32 €), and Burgundy snails are served XXL (19 €), while the avocado salad provides a much-needed freshness (26 €). The same goes for the main courses, with the spectacular lamb rack to share, served in a silver tureen with colorful vegetables (75 €) or the sole meunière (68 €), best paired with creamed spinach with garlic (13 €) and buttery mashed potatoes (13 €). A delightful surprise comes with the rabbit pasta, a long-lost grandmother's best-seller (36 €).

The dessert parade features generously served ice cream scoops (yum: pistachio), strawberries with cream, a decadently rich chocolate mousse, and a nostalgic crème caramel.



Before dinner or as a final destination, the bar nestled in the basement welcomes cocktail enthusiasts in a red-decked decor with sculptures and fringed lamps: Armagnac Old Fashioned (24 €), Vesper (23 €), Pastis Pearl (24 €). Perfect for impressing a date...

Open every evening from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance online or by phone.

© La Renommée by Mary Devinat

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