Oxygen Blast Facial Treatment: the secret recipe for a fresh complexion at the new Elizabeth Arden Institute

Doit girls reading the Elizabeth Arden care book

Your skin is grey and you feel down? The « glowing » sensation for Spring, aka as the Red Door Expérience, is landing in Paris in a divine, deluxe and cozy private cabin in Passy.

The « Red Door Experience » ? Beauty treatments inspired by the cult Red Door Spa of Elizabeth Arden on Fifth Avenue where you can see all the New York stars! Totally normal, here you can benefit from « fab »  miracle treatments that immediately make you look less tired.

Their furiously high-tech magic wand? The Oxygen Blast Facial Treatment and minerals that clean the skin in depth while activating the luminous side. Addictive!

Our crush? The « Queens Express Way » at 45€. A 45 min hallucinating « boost »  ritual  from which you come out looking super luminous with at least 5 years less. This should deffo boost your glam’ and your ego !

Tops also: Arden Essential, the Signature treatment,  at 90€ (80 min) with a fusion or oxygen and enzymes that nibble dead cells before applying a zinc base serum and an ultra sound spatula to get rid in depth of black heads and sebum.

The must? You get a systematic makeup session after a treatment to depart looking « fabulous».

We adore: the « Soho² Beauty Blast » treatment offered from the 15th to the 30 th of April to all the first DO IT who sign up with the code DOITINPARIS ! We have not found anything better for a wonderfully glowing complexion in 30 minutes flat (price of the treatment: 30€). Careful: first come, first served...

Sign up quickly on : bookeo.com/elizabetharden

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