What if we had a delicious Shabbat dinner delivered?


What alternative when you don't have time or don't know how to cook for a Shabbat at home? When Generation Y wants to rhyme traditions with a job that makes them work late on Fridays, or quite simply a big laziness: it gives an ultra-disruptive concept: La Box de Chabbat.

A turnkey Shabbat

The principle is simple: a turnkey kosher dinner worthy of the best Jewish mothers to order the day before and delivered at home, all under the control of the Chief Lubavitcher Rabbinate of France .

Everything is there: hallot breads , prayer wine, boukha without forgetting the best kemias. All you have to do is set the table and take out the candles. Shabbat Shalom !

On the feast menu

There is something for everyone, starting with an aperitif with fricassees or club sandwiches, mini pizzas or pastillas ...

All the great classics of kémia as with grandmothers are there: harissa potatoes or egg mayo, carrots with cumin, eggplant, tabbouleh or white cabbage with sesame ...

You just have to choose your favorite dish in a small group or for a big smala: couscous meatballs , chicken with olives, pkaila , schnitzel , roast beef potatoes, roast veal with mushrooms. Yum.

We end in style with honey cigars, makrouts and fruit salad.

Formula for 2 to 55 €. 100 € dinner for 4 all inclusive.

Order on 09 88 99 77 77 and on www.laboxdechabbat.com

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