We have reserved for you an underground movie house


If you are looking for the best experience to impress your date and make him really fall for you, look no further. The plan is all set.

Save the date: Saturday July 1st at 5pm sharp.

Check it out. An underground cinema, hidden on the first floor of a new spot hidden in the Marais, aka La Fabrique de l’Eté, that is opening its doors tomorrow. To perfect the flirt atmosphere: a mini-auditorium for two, with cinema armchairs, red walls and mini-bar.

The film: you can choose from a menu of 40 cult  films. In order not to mess up: a few great classics such as Seven, Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebovsky, Scarface, Le grand Bleu, Forest Gump, Le dîner de cons, Les bronzés... It your target is a brainy type or a movie buff, play the clever card with Inception by Christopher Nolan - 4 Oscars - Shutter Island by Scorcese or Mystic River by Clint Eastwood.

And if after that he does not fall head over heels…

Book your exclusive session for 2 persons.

And if the guy is your BFF: go for Pretty Woman, l’Arnacoeur, Dirty Dancing, Titanic or Thelma & Louise.

Love Ciné by Once, hidden on the 1st floor of La Fabrique de l’Eté, 6 rue des Archives 75004 Paris facing the BHV.

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