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Heroines Series

Who is going to take the place of Buffy, Bree Vandekamp, Claire Underwood, Bewitched or Daenerys or Piper Chapman ? Our casting of four badass actresses starring in the series of the moment.

In the family : Psycho mother

the sinner serie jessica biel

I ask for : Jessica Biel in The Sinner

Claim to fame: Revealed in the series 7 à la maison, Jessica is blacklisted from the casting after posing topless in a magazine. Followed a long quiet period. The green-eyed brunette tried to bounce back, without great success, before getting her hands on the most coveted bachelor of Hollywood, and becomings Mrs. Justin Timberlake.

Superpowers: Like a Phoenix raised from its ashes, Jessica is the sensation of the new season. In the excellent The Sinner, which she produces, she incarnates Cora, a depressive and suicidal mother who commits an incomprehensible crime: she knifes an unknown person on the beach, in front of the family, using the knife used to peel an apple for the young son. A scene of rare violence, that throws us in a spine chilling thriller, centered on a perturbed woman’s character.

Saison 1, on Altice

In the family : Girl next door

kristen bell the good place serie

I ask for: Kristen Bell in The Good Place

Claim to fame: From 2004 to 2007, she was a big hit in the series Veronica Mars, where she incarnated a detective high-school student, who laminated the bad guys while flirting with all the hunks of the school. And since ? Films, series… Hollywood adores her darling girl next door look. A abis success with geeks since she appeared in Assassin’s Creed, the comedian was also the voice-over for the most cult girly series. A hint ? XoXo (yes, Gossip girl, that’s her !)

Superpowers: In The Good Place, Bell plays Eleanor Shellsrop. She wakes up one morning in paradise after being run over in a supermarket parking lot where she had just purchased a bottle of vodka. In a candy cane decor (pastels colors, pretty houses and nice neighbors), Eleanor is the grain of sand that is going to jam this (overly) oiled machine.

Saison 1, sur Netflix

In the family Wolverine of Wall Street

I ask for: Malin Akerman in Billions Catégorie :

billions categorie serie

Claim to fame: In 2009, Malin, aka Silk Spectre, puts men at her feet in the film Watchmen. Ultra tight in her one-piece black and yellow latex suit, the blond is propelled to the rank of atomic bomb. Badass in action films, the Swedish-Canadian actress also excels in romantic comedies romantiques (27 dresses, The heartbreak kid, Couples retreat…). Such perfection in one single person is kinda exasperating.

Superpowers: In Billions, the new series filled with vice and cynicism, cast in the world of finance, Malin incarnates Lara, the wife of ruthless golden boy Bobby Axelrod (played by Damian Lewis, from Homeland). A pretty face ? Quite the contrary ! When it comes to defending the interests of the family, the indomitable Malin bares her teeth like a she-wolf. Tremble Wall Street !

Season 1, on Canal+

In the porno vintage family

deuce serie

I ask for: Maggie Gyllenhaall in The Deuce

Claim to fame: In the Gyllenhaall family, I ask for the girl ! Brought up in the movie world- her father is a film director, her mother writes scripts - Jake’s eldest sister was able to capitalize on her atypical looks in order to land strong roles (The Honourable Woman, Oh my God…) A Harvard graduate, muse of the independent cinema, feminist and committed (she campaigned for Obama), Maggie steals the show on the red carpet each time she appears in her bohemian chic outfits.

Superpowers: In The Deuce, the new nugget by the creator of The Wire on the birth of the pornographic industry with James Franco, she takes on the part of Candy Merrell, a prostitute in Times Square, during the 70s. A superb role for a used woman who never lets go, sulfurous and overwhelming, in which the 39-year-old actress goes all out and is stunning. Emmy award on the horizon !

Season 1, sur OCS.

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