Which new Netflix series are you going to flip for?

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Doldrums + cold + winter hour, it’s official: winter is really hitting you hard! The good news? You can treat yourself to a cocooning session in front of Netflix, the endless well of great series. Whip out you warm plaid, a tea with honey, we’ll take care of the programme!

The mental punch: The Mindhunter

mind hunter serie netflix

If you liked: The Fall, Dexter, The Silence of the lambs… In short all the spine-chilling stories of serial killers.

The pitch: The series recalls the birth in the 70s of the investigation unit of the FBI on serial killers. At the core of the behaviour sciences unit, a trio of agents, old hand Bill Tench, dashing Holden Ford (already named runner up in the Emmanuel Macron look alike contest) and the cold but super intelligent Wendy Carr, who gathers in jail the testimonies of the worst psychopaths in the country including blood thirsty Ed Kemper, name the ogre of Santa Cruz. Brrrrrr!!!

Why we like it: Inspired by the book Mindhunter, in the head of a profiler by John Douglas, the series brings to mind situations and real characters. In terms of production, a premium combo: Charlize Theron and film director David Fincher (who’s up to snuff on the topic since Seven et Zodiac). The success of The Mindhunter: exploring the psycho of evil without a single drop of blood since everything is based on interviews led by the heroes. Fascinating.

The perfect snack:
a little bit of sweetness in a world of brutes. It’s now (or never) the moment of ordering on www.ubereats.com, the famous big veggie of McDonald’s with small fry and sundae. Like a Sunday.

burger veggie macdo

The guilty pleasure: Jane The Virgin

jane the virgin serie netflix

If you liked: Ugly Betty, Devious Maids… funny and kitschy telenovelas.

The pitch:
« But, madam, I promise you that I never slept with a boy » in the film by Life is a long quiet river? Well, here is the immaculate conception in Latino soap-opera version. The intrigue? Fabulous! In Miami, Jane (the enticing Gina Rodriguez), virgin and very pious, lives as a couple with Michael. During a routine visit to her gynecologist, she is inseminated by mistake with the sperm of her boss, Rafael Solano, a wealth playboy, and becomes pregnant. But Rafael is married to the maleficent Petra, the one who should have been inseminated (since Rafael could not have children naturally due to a cancer of the testicles). To mess things up even more: the doctor at the origin of the mishap is the lesbian sister of the future dad. Are you following ?

Why we like it : Breaking up with humour the telenovela codes, Jane the Virgin is very endearing. Funny, peppy and modern, the series is action packed with off-the-wall scenes and cliffhangers, all in a wonderful candy cane universe. If you start watching it, your social life will sure be on the blink. We warned you.

The perfect snack: fried chicken tacos from Wynwood, the coffee-shop just like in Miami (€12) 61 rue Charlot, 3rd. 01 75 51 12 53 or a porn-food burrito from Chipotle, the hot Mexican fast food. All the addresses on www.chipotle.com

wynwood restaurant


The Sci-FI fiction everyone is talking about: Stranger Things

stranger things serie netflix

If you liked : season 1

The pitch :
Unless you’ve been living in a yourt in Outer Mongolia, impossible to have missed the phenomenon Stranger Things. Our 2.0 Goonies are back with a second epic and addictive season. Without spoiling anything, we can already tell you that there are some very amusing characters, a newly found sister, a baby Demogordon, teen romance and amazing special effects. Get ready fro cold sweats and white nights!

Why we like it ?
The so eighties references! In addition to the cinema throwbacks (Alien, Poltergeist, E.T…), we adore the very stylish universe. With the strong 80s comeback, the looks of the heroes are furiously trendy. They really make you feel like slipping on your parka and whizzing off on your skate board, listening to Scorpion in you walkman.

The perfect snack: whip out the “waffles”, the fave of Eleven. Our advice: the sugar pearl waffle signed Bonne Maman, natch.

gauffre sucre bonne maman


The feel good musical comedy: Crazy ex-girlfriend

my crazy ex girl friend serie netflix

If you liked : La La Land, Ally Mc Beal and Girls.

The pitch : A brilliant New York lawyer, Rebecca Bunch drops everything and moves to West Covina, in California, in order to reconquer her ex, the torrid Josh Chan. Having attempted in vain to approach him, it’s of course the day she goes to the supermarket in her dirty old sweats that she runs into him … on the arm of his great looking girlfriend girlfriend Valencia, a yoga teacher.

Why we like it: Super fresh and without complexes, the irresistible Rachel Bloom (creator and main actress, « Golden Globe » for the role) plays the part of an adorable and totally batty stalker. In each opus: zany songs and choreographies that are totally autoderisive (don’t miss the rap clip in episode 1). A gem of amusement and finesse.

The perfect snack?
Have twig food porn delivered from Wild and the Moon by Deliveroo , so you can munch of chips (kale) and pop corn (spiruline). Tops but finishing like Lena Dunham.

chips the kale

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