Pin-up: the revenge of a sex-symbol

Pinup postcard

Object of masculine domination gone by the wayside or the ultimate symbol of modern girl power? The pin-up has more than one trick in her lace bustier! Rendezvous Friday on Arte to watch the most  sexy and trendy documentary this Fall. Analysis of a social phenomenon that always sparks fantasies.

Pegged to the cliché of the ditzy blonde, (or the brunette with wavy hair ) in the 50’s, today the pinup is taking her revenge. With the strong comeback of burlesque, superstar strippers (Dita Von Teese at the helm), the image of the easy-to-get girl is being replaced by a strong woman, mistress of her body that uses her power of seduction as she pleases. Has the pin up become the ultimate icon of feminism? Answer through images in this titillating reportage, punctuated with interviews and encounters of strippers and specialize authors from Paris to Los Angeles and Berlin to Brussels.

Pin-up: the revenge of a sex symbol, Friday the 14th of October 2016 at 10:20 pm on arte+7

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