Secret wedding : the love-story of Spring !

Jean Seberg et Romain Gary black and white

The new novel of Ariane Chemin, famous journalist at Le Monde, is creating the buzz for the greatest pleasure of it girls as well as literary buffs.

A complicated and very romantic love story between Romain Gary, a famous writer, WWII hero… and Jean Seberg, an actress with devastating blonde sex appeal and Hollywood star, at the centre of all the attentions...

This illegitimate couple decided to secretely marry in Corsica with the help of Général de Gaulle— the story of a very mysterious union.

A couple’s dinner with JFK and Jackie Kennedy, Romain Gary challenging Clint Eastwood, who was having a fling with Jean during the filming of a western, or the constant support of Gary for Jean who was harassed by the FBI for her support of the Black Panthers… A love story that tells History with a big H on a 70’s background !

Mariage en douce by Arianne Chemin, published by Éditions des Équateurs, 17€

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By Elodie Rouge assisted by Suzanne Langlais

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