Finding the love of your life in 3 months ?


We have good news to all the potential Bridget Jones in town and single gals who despite the fact they are fed up being alone, are have Sunday night blues in front of their TV and are annoyed by the obvious advice of their BFF who all have hot boy friends—and even worse their harping mothers (why don’t you make a little effort !)

Finding the love of your life in three months: here is a new method that works… concocted by Florence Escaravage, the creator of Love Intelligence, a trendy collective giving love advice and coaching with lots of while pinpointing the current issues to find Mr. Right.

Her thing? 5 key steps on how to clear the road in order to succeed: get rid of your ex lover (s), finding someone that makes you happy and is really interested in you, thinking of long term seduction…).

We adore: super concrete advice and case studies (that strangely look like those of all your BFF) that boost your ego and moral. In short, a condensation of small tips to read and reread without having the impression of being imposed a lifelong lesson …

Trouver l'amour en 3 mois, Editions Marabout. 15,90 €

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