4 new adventurous tables in the heart of Paris

Immediate takeoff to Korea, Lebanon, Greece, and Morocco with these four new incredibly exotic addresses that deliver big on flavors. Get ready with your Navigo pass: you won't be disappointed with the journey!



Spiti Sou restaurant in Paris

The location: Across from the Pont Neuf on the left bank, Paris now hosts the chicest Greek table in town, open only in the evenings. If Chef Paul Evangelopoulos's divinely comforting dishes give the impression of being invited to a seaside family dinner, it's within an elegant setting that Spiti Sou has just opened its doors, with generous touches of blue banquettes and elegant light woodwork. At its helm are three companions. The amiable Melina (Greek-American, to validate all the dishes), her husband Alexandre, and Hugo, all connoisseurs of Hellenic cuisine, have toured the country to find its best sun-soaked products...

On the menu: Start off dipping sublime sunflower seed grissini into an anthology-worthy tarama with bottarga (€12), to be placed in the middle of the table and shared, just like the crab tartare with finger lime (€42), zucchini fritters (€15), or fried kasseri cheese dipped in surprising lemon jelly (€10). For the main course, delve your spoon into the already-cult favorite fisherman's pasta with shellfish and Greek saffron (€38) or the braised osso buco (€38). Don't miss out on dessert, especially the orange cake with olive oil ice cream, a sweetness that makes you want to hop on the next plane to Athens (€14).

The extra touch: Taking center stage, a pocket-sized cocktail bar invites you to extend your dinner with creations right in theme, such as the Greek Tonic with Mastiha or the very gentle MetaXour with Metaxa and amaretto (€14).

Spiti Sou, 53 quai des Grands Augustins, Paris 6th. 01 42 03 00 31. Open Wednesday to Saturday evenings from 7pm to 11pm. Bar open until 1am. Open for Sunday brunch at noon.



Misu restaurant in Paris

The location: Tucked away on a quiet street just a stone's throw from Gare Montparnasse, this charming spot is worth the visit! Orchestrated by Linda Lee, already at the helm of six renowned restaurants in the United Kingdom and a Parisian street food spot (On the Bab), this little piece of Korea ticks all the boxes for beauty and excellence. Resolutely sleek, soothing without being cold, the décor unfolds with wise dark green banquettes, light wood tables, exposed stone walls, and abundant greenery. At Misu, it's easy to imagine yourself in Seoul, especially when the first dishes arrive!

On the menu: Far from being limited to the famous Bibimbap, offered here in an egg and beef version (€16), Misu's menu offers some incredibly exciting and creative proposals, signaling a beautiful modernity. From the starters, the tone is set with crazy squid and vegetable fritters (€8), delicate grilled pork and shrimp dumplings (€8), and a devilish knife-cut beef tartare with pear and a quail egg yolk (€13). Follow up with a bansang, an elegant platter served to the kings and nobles of the Joseon era, combining a main dish and 5 small side dishes. On that day, indulge in the Braised Chicken Bulgogi bansang with soy sauce (€20). To finish this feast rich in flavors, don't miss the simply perfect black sesame beignet filled with white anko (€8).

The extra touch: A divine signature drink made with roasted cereal milk, to be sipped before the meal or as a dessert instead of the traditional coffee (€7).

Misu, 8 bis rue Falguière, Paris 15th. 09 78 80 65 09. Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30am to 2:30pm and from 6pm to 10pm.



Qasti Green restaurant in Paris

The location: After tantalizing the appetite on Rue Saint-Martin (Qasti Bistrot, Faurn), our beloved chef Alan Geaam is now at the bustling Sentier, introducing a new green restaurant in heart and soul. Nestled on Rue des Jeûneurs, this charming spot adorned with leaves on the walls and punctuated with olive green accents, features a counter, banquettes, and hides a basement room for group feasting. Note: come summertime, the establishment will offer a small terrace on the sidewalk and will open its wide windows. Let the apéros begin!

On the menu: 100% vegetarian offerings paying a gourmet ode to plants. It's simple, we loved everything: from the basil & pistachio hummus (€12) to the fried cauliflower with tahini sauce (€10), passing through the little feta & mint turnovers (€12) to the mind-blowing vegetarian shawarma arriving on its small wooden tray, drizzled with tahini that we finished off with our fingers (€14)! With the appetite satiated but the craving for indulgence still flashing, we couldn't resist the sweets: adorable kneffey with rose ice cream (€10) and a scoop of Atcha ice cream (milk cream and orange blossom) signed by Bachir (€10).

The extra touch: On Sundays, Qasti Green switches to brunch mode with a generous buffet (€38/person).

Qasti Green, 41 rue des Jeûneurs, Paris 2nd. Open Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 2:30pm and from 7pm to 10:30pm. Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.



Sonia restaurant in Paris

The location: With velvety banquettes, black and white zelliges, golden metal suspensions, and plenty of plants, Sonia's decor, conceived by interior architect Jordane Arrivetz (Bonnie, Noti Club), skillfully blends Parisian and Moroccan aesthetic codes. Nestled in the calm 17th arrondissement, this sunny brasserie welcomes chef Stéphane Lemarchand, who has worked in the kitchens of the Crillon and the Élysée, and Fatéma Hal, the Moroccan queen behind Mansouria, who designed Sonia's menu.

On the menu: Dishes that take you on a journey with stops in Greece, Spain, and a major stopover in Morocco! Among the starters, cheeky goat cheese and fresh mint briouates (€12), tender falafels with yogurt herb sauce (€15), homemade tzatziki (€12), and a delightful eggplant caviar enhanced with lemon and coriander (€12). For mains, the star remains the couscous with perfectly buttered semolina. It comes in all flavors here, including a royal version with lamb skewers, chicken, merguez, and beef meatballs (€28), with sea bass fillet (€28), and even vegetarian (€23). If you're inclined towards tagines, the one with free-range chicken, Kalamata olives, and preserved lemon will melt your heart (€27). Feeling a bit peckish? The perfect option is the grilled lamb skewers served with fresh green beans (€26). And even if you have to loosen your belt a few notches, finish with the thin pear and pistachio tart and Berthillon vanilla ice cream: absolute bliss! (€14).

The extra touch: Regarding sourcing, all meats come from Hugo Desnoyer.

Sonia, 115 avenue de Villiers, Paris 17th. 01 53 81 56 78. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 3pm and from 7pm to 11pm.


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