The new festive restaurant you must try in Paris

Restaurant Kapara in Paris

We fondly remembered Balagan on Rue d'Alger, where the Israeli elite of Paris gathered to enjoy an energetic service featuring plates to share in a chic banquet spirit. Closed for several months, this iconic Mediterranean gastronomy spot, led by the team of Assaf Granit, transforms (but not really) under the name Kapara. We went to see what had changed and give you the rundown.

Firstly, it's needless to say that Rodaa Studio's staging ensures a change of scenery. To perfect the setting: a lively atmosphere every evening (now even at lunch), the most beautiful girls in Paris, the active Parisian Jewish community, and the social elite passionate about the Mediterranean. The highlight? Reserve for the second service at 9:30 pm and treat yourself to the pleasure of a heated atmosphere as in the cool headquarters of Tel Aviv.


The joy of sharing

In the kitchen now, a woman takes the lead, and what a woman! Zohar Sasson swings the mezze like no one else, with her brigade that we admire working from the open kitchen (best tables: those facing the cooks). We indulge in Frenavon brioche to dip in tahini (€9), burnt eggplant (€16), octopus and chickpeas (€21), or the tuna sashimi with blackberries and smoked oils (€19) to share on an XXL plate.

When it comes to main courses, we keep our appetite for the divine beetroot ravioli (€26), lamb chops with chimichurri (€36), or chicken keftas with paprika and fresh herbs (€30) before indulging in Tomer's Happy ending for dessert with orange blossom, pistachio, and pumpkin, a delight (€13).

We adore: the very discreet and plush cocktail bar tucked at the entrance for sipping a drink and mezze without a reservation, especially the silky Zohar with fig (€17). Just saying: the perfect spot for a first date.

Open every evening from Monday to Saturday from 7 pm to 1 am and also open for lunch. Cocktail bar open from 6 pm to 2 am.

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