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We already knew about yoga in a hammock, on a rooftop, in a sauna, in the vegetable garden of a palace… The ultimate chic of Summer? Meditating in a departure lounge just before boarding your plane when flying out of Aéroports de Paris.

This delicious snobbism, we owe it to the fine team of Tigre Yoga Club (the most trendy club in Paris) serving a yoga session with a view on the sky and airplanes.

On the program? Simple breathing and posture exercises for one hour of pure coolness therapy. Result: you are ultra zen before going on board the plane and it really makes a difference at takeoff.

The small plus ? These sessions are entirely free! They supply the floor mat and a bottle of water. For a really relaxed flight, you can download a meditation app. No more anxiety!

Every Friday and Saturday until the 13th of August at Orly and Charles De Gaulle/Roissy airports

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