3h of free flat cleaning for all the DO IT GIRLS !


Quite obviously you are not Bree Van de Kamp and vacuuming or washing the kitchen floor is really not your thing at all...

Very good news, Helpling, the new conciergerie of “the true homemaker” is offering to DO IT GIRLS 3 free house cleaning hours with the code HELPLINGDOIT on www.helpling.fr or on their terrific application. And whom do you thank?

So here is the living proof (and as a gift) that this service is going to change your life. Just like you have your sushi delivered, this amazing concept for overbooked city gals will send you the perfect housekeeper, who will clean your flat in just 2 or 3h even on Sunday!

We adore: the possibility of a one-shot. You are organizing a last minute party at home? In just 3 clicks, reserve a housecleaner for the next day. Result? Your flat will be  pristine without having to wake up to a morning of cleaning (emptying ashtrays, taking down the empty bottles)…

How to do it. Quickly click on www.helpling.fr, check the date box, the size of your flat, how long you want this for as well as the different options (window cleaning, wardrobe or cupboards, oven or icebox).  You pay on line. No fussing around, no red tape.

Tops: the possibility of deducting from your income taxes this great service, 100% totally legal and  declared, thanks to a special form that is sent when it’s time to file your income tax. Result? 1h of house cleaning = 7,95€ net.

To be noted: a highly selective cleaning staff with top references and comments from other web surfers in order to avoid bad surprises. Confidence is priceless...

All the information and reservations on: www.helpling.fr

Also download their great application! If you have an iPhone go here, if you have an Android go there!

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