A book to read in bed

A book to read in bed

If you liked The Borgia, Sissi Empress and Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola, listen up! This absolutely addictive novel is just as riveting as the super TV show Downton Abbey, filled with romantic and political intrigues as well as anecdotes about courtesans --to be enjoyed warmly nestled in bed...

A real lesson in glamour history: this biography tells the fascinating story of “La Pompadour”, aka Jeanne Poisson, the Favorite (never dethroned) of Louis XV. An ultra brilliant and clever bombshell, avant-garde feminist, who captivated the King by her beauty, of course, but also by her intelligence and her culture. She is the one who encouraged the publication of Diderot’s first Encyclopedia … After five years of ultimate passion, she became the best friend of the King, choosing his mistresses and was truly the Minister of off culture in France.

“Pompadour, l’amie nécessaire” by Hortense Dufour published by Ed. Flammarion. 22,90€

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