A Nutella spread bar at Gontran Cherrier


We are already shivering with excitement. During the entire month of September, the legendary spread will be under the spotlight in the bakeries of Gontran Cherrier for highly comforting breakfasts.

Himself a Nutella addict, the hipster craftsman has specially concocted two breads for this nutty occasion: a rye loaf and another whole wheat one with miso dough. These customized creations are presented with a small jar of Nutellino, to be spread languidly and to be eaten along with a hot drink. To stay or to go, here is a great way of starting the day on a soft note.

3,50€, for two tartines with the pot Nutellino and a warm drink of your choice, to stay or to go. In all the Gontran Cherrier bakeries.

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