A real American road trip

Thelma Et Louise

Parisienne, if you never had the occasion at playing Thelma & Louise, nor driving down Route 66, it’s now or never the moment to slip into your JR Ewing and Sue Ellen pointed Tony Lama boots, for a real  Yankee experience life…

Concretely: must clap our hands and sing Gospel as Beyoncé in her early hours (yes, she learnt to sing in church)! It's gonna swing!

Get ready for an orgy of US cookies and peanut before landing in an independent movie house to (re)watch old cult Yankee films. Fab !

We love : becoming a real cheerleader (our dream!) and hit the ball on a baseball court. THE perfect date with our boyfriend or our BFF !

We also like: the Jet Lag Rio to sip Caiprinas and feel as though we were on the beaches of Copacabana.

Far-flung sensations guaranteed in 3h without leaving Paris. Get your tickets asap.

Jet Lag Paris. 28€. All the info here

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