Unusual: these activities to occupy your confined evenings

18 Choses A Faire Apres 18h00

Coming home at 6 p.m. is not the end of the world. With a little imagination and elbow grease, it's even the perfect time to finally do all those things that have been put off until tomorrow. 6 p.m., 18 activities? Challenge accepted.

Infiltrate the Rungis halls

livraison food frais en provenance des halles de Rungis

You always promised yourself to go to Rungis . And then you never did it, lazy or lack of time. Now it is the opposite. You dream to get up at dawn as great leaders and survey the best Halles world to 3am. There, Rungis offers you to do it when you want, with a site dedicated to individuals who deliver to home: Foodufrais. Infiltrate the largest market in the world and fill your baskets with the Rolls-Royce of products by sneaking into the digital shelves: tartare of egg and leg of lamb at the butcher's shop, camembert with raw milk, yogurt from Viltain's farm and other deliriums in the stalls of the dairy, seafood and catch of the day at the tide, organic and local fruits and vegetables not to mention wasabis and Asian nuggets on the shelves of the world. The dream !

Orders on www.foodufrais.fr

Prepare a babka for breakfast

babka pour le petit déjeuner de La mère de Famille.

Stohrer resolutely signs the most addictive spreadable brioche of the moment. Except that you obviously no longer have the time to run and look for it. On the other hand, you clearly have the evening ahead of you to simmer that ultimate kif for your breakfast the next day.

The recipe is easy baby. In a beater with a hook, first mix 250g of flour + 1 pinch of salt + 50g of sugar + 12g of baker's yeast + 150g of milk + 150g of À la Mère de Famille spread mixed with 7.5 g grape seed oil + 30 g crushed dark chocolate + 40 g roasted Piedmont hazelnuts . Knead 20 minutes at medium speed. Add 50g of butter in small cubes and knead again. Reserve 1 hour in the fridge. Roll out the dough into a rectangle, the size of the length of your cake tin and three times its width. Spread the warmed spread over the entire surface of the babka dough. Sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts and dark chocolate then roll the whole. Slice lengthwise then form a twist. Butter the mold and let stand at room temperature for 45 minutes. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 °. Let cool 10 minutes and unmold. It's ready.

See all 50 of Céline Sciamma's favorite films

La sélection des films préférés de Céline Sciamma

What if, rather than stupidly alternating anneries on Netflix and Amazon , we check out the list of the most powerful director of her generation? This is precisely the sharp progra that La Cinétek offers with a line-up of all the powerful films, sources of inspiration and masterpieces that have marked the work of Céline Sciamma: Crash (Cronenberg), Showgirls (Paul Verhoeven) , Belle de Jour (Bunuel), Welcome to Gattaca , not to mention Blade Runner or Singin 'in the rain : a demented cycle worthy of a festival with, as a bonus, interviews with the realist.

Subscription and pay-per-view movies from € 2.99

Manage a home-made semi-permanent manicure

Une manucure semi-permanente home-made de chez Manucurist

You loved the wow effect of Shellac and the long lasting glossy side of the semi. Now is the time to invest in the Green Flash Kit from Manucurist . The coolest eco-friendly nail polish label had already revolutionized the market by launching the first clean semi-permanent manicure for a nickel finish without unwanted chemical effects or bad ingredients! In “ always more ” mode, Manucurist has imagined a box for an ideal confined evening with all the gear to do it in his living room: 18w plastic free lamp + top coat and 2 varnishes (gun color of your choice) which lasts 10 to 15 days. Joy. PS: how to remove it? No need to scrape with a knife to remove it, this varnish that holds silly can be removed with ... a simple solvent, delivered with the kit. There's just.

Full kit nomad Green Flash, Manucurist , 69 €

See a sold-out show

Spéctacle à guichet fermé comme Le vol du Boli, Cendrillon ou encore Manon au théatre du Chatelet, Metropolitan Opera de New-York et à L'Opéra de Paris.

Catch-up session for those who missed the sold out shows at Châtelet or the MET. You will be able to name drop the most prominent voices and choreographers as if you were, starting with Le vol du Boli , the creation of Damon Albarn and Abderrahmane Sissako which caused a sensation at the Théâtre du Châtelet in 2020 with an African aperitif outside standard, cinderella at the Metropolitan Opera in New York directed by Frenchman Laurent Pelly with a crazy cast including star mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, andManon with Aurélie Dupont and directed by Cédric Klapisch at the Paris Opera . Pure beauty, direct from the salon.

Test the crazy sex toys spotted by Jouissance Club

Sextoys inspiré de Lora di Carlo

Beware of addiction. One simulates cunnilingus , the other the tapping of a finger on the clitoris . The Filare (165 €) and the Carezza (155 €) are the two new toys imagined by the teams inspired by Lora di Carlo . The illustrator Jüne Pla behind the Jouissance Club Instagram account (whose book fascinated us here ) visibly tested them with enthusiasm, according to her recent hilarious stories. Several speeds (or even very fast for the most motivated), ergonomics, look and touch sensation skin: the two latest in the range are likely to embellish your long evenings under the duvet ...

Make an omelet like Jean-François Trap

Livre La cuisine Française de Jean-François Piège

How to make a béarnaise sauce or homemade egg mayo? Take the time you need for a blanquette or sole meunière? Have fun with mademoiselle pancakes? In truth, it's not that complicated, you still have to find THE right recipe. This is where our common Pope aka Jean-François Trap comes in with La Cuisine Française (60 €), the bible of bourgeois and popular recipes to buy urgently, where you can find everything: 1000 pages of sauces, desserts , grandmother's dishes and Frenchie repertoire including the bestsellers of À l'Épi d'Or and La Poule au Pot . We get started tonight with his space omelet. For you alone, you need: 3 free -range chicken eggs + 1⁄2 bunch of sorrel + 1 large teaspoon. double cream + 20 g semi-salted butter + breadcrumbs parmesan + salt and freshly ground pepper.

The recipe: wash, hull and drain the sorrel, then make a chiffonade with half the leaves. Reserve the rest. In a sauté pan, pour the double cream and the whole sorrel leaves, then heat over low heat. Book. Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them with a fork. Salt, pepper and add the sorrel cut into a chiffonade, then mix. Heat the semi-salted butter in a black iron pan until it starts to foam, then add the eggs, winnowing and stirring with a spatula. When you have obtained the desired doneness (runny, soft or well done), roll and shape the omelet , then turn it over on a buttered serving dish. Correct the shape of the omelet if necessary and pour the sorrel cream. Sprinkle with bread crumbs, grated Parmesan, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Attend masterclasses of successful personalities

Masterclass d’Anne-Sophie Pic, Franck Annese (patron de So Foot, So Presse), Michel Hazanavicius, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Maurice Levy sur Majelan

The most experienced personalities in their sector deliver their masterclasses in the selection of podcasts available by subscription on Majelan . Creativity, leadership, personal development ... We glean by doing something else the advice and feedback from Anne-Sophie Pic , Franck Annese (boss of So Foot, So Presse), Michel Hazanavicius , Marie-Claude Pietragalla , Yann Arthus- Bertrand , Maurice Levy (big boss of Publicis Group) or even Inna Shevchenko , leader of Femen in France, the rap producer Tefa and Victoire de Castellane , DA of Dior Jewelry. Inspirational testimonials that are pleasant to listen to, in the form of public interviews.

Application available on Android and iOS, € 6.99 / month or € 29.99 over 6 months more info on www.majelan.com

Copy Claire Touzard and stop drinking

Le livre "sans alcool" de Claire Touzard

Whistling rosé and smoking cigarettes on the terrace as an aperitif is your favorite sport. Get drunk with champagne to celebrate everything and nothing too, there is no lack of opportunities. Maybe now is the time to take a look at Sans Alcool , the chic book on female alcoholism that everyone is talking about. A priori, Claire Touzard , this hot thirty-something with a successful job and lots of girlfriends, is far removed from the idea we have of a girl who has a problem with alcohol. On the contrary. Except that for Claire (as for many others), booze has become a cool perverse statement, a modern-day super-woman lifestyle where we combine too many glasses and little shouting games… Story of a very contemporary problem, to read with a Virgin Moscow Mule in hand (see recipe below).

Alcohol-free by Claire Touzard from Flammarion editions, € 19.90

Prepare a mocktail worthy of the Experimental Group

Mocktail Gimber de l'experimental group

The Gimber Mule is the elixir that makes you forget that alcohol is good (you see, above), acclaimed by the most prominent mixologists and with unsuspected virtues. Indeed, the Gimber which composes it is stuffed (ha, ha) of gingerol , one of the main active agents of ginger with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, in particular excellent for digestion and against cholesterol. Ingredients for 1 glass: 1⁄2 lime , 3 cl of GIMBER , 15 cl of sparkling water , ice cubes . Add 2 or 3 ice cubes to a glass and squeeze the lime juice. Add GIMBER and sparkling water. Garnish with a lime wedge. Stir and enjoy!

List of points of sale on www.gimber.com

Watch the complete Gossip Girl

La série Gossip Girl sur Netflix

Sadness: The Adventures of Blair and Serena will be permanently removed from your Netflix library on January 31. A golden alibi to run the binge-watching marathon of the 6 seasons of New York's golden youth before an ultimate “ Xoxo ”! We have the memorable first love scene between Chuck Bass and Blair , the gossip alerts on Blackberry , the brunches at the Plaza, Serena's cool fashion outfits, trips to Paris and Miss Waldorf's engagement with the heir of Monaco.

Find the complete Gossip Girl on Netflix

Make a beautiful object yourself

Se fabriquer une couronne en fleurs séchées avec Pampa

We'll see you from here ahead of time. Flemme. If, however, you adore flower bells on Instagram and bouquets from the devilishly stylish label of Pampa : this is the news for you. Even if you are a knack for handicrafts.

As an extension of their masterclasses, the ultimately trendy florist 2.0 offers ready-made and super easy kits to make yourself a wreath of dried flowers , a bell of flowers that are too beautiful (45 €) or even a DIY bouquet . And if you're really starting to like it: planting a cactus in dishes, it's the new trendy snobbery by following our instructions .

Knitting from your sofa

Appli mon petit placement pour investir sans criser

If for you the money is reserved for the rich and that the livret A turns out to be the pinnacle of the good plan, you are at degree zero of finance. The Lyon fintech Mon Petit Placement breaks the codes of the good old wool socks and democratizes investment for young workers . The goal ? Grow your dormant savings. All you have to do is have a minimum of € 300 set aside and put them in 4 investment portfolios with different levels of risk and return . Better: the sums placed are “ liquid ”, as we say in the jargon (we already believe it), that is to say that you can transfer or withdraw them at will, free of charge. The Kardashian sisters had better watch out ...

More information on our dedicated article and on www.monpetitplacement.fr

Getting a massage

Auto-masseur Fixx 2.0, Compex

Ok, he's less sexy than your Ban Thai Spa masseur. Yes, it looks like a drill. Of course, its price is sobering, but it is ultimately that of 5 massages in any institute. As for the powers of this self-massaging gun, they are absolutely crazy: great sportsmen and top models swear by this war machine designed for the pros, with its tips that massage, make you recover but also sheathing powers and treatments. slimming . And if you dream of a treatment as kiffant as in your favorite spa: this machine will revolutionize your confinement . It is said !

Fixx 2.0 self-massager, Compex , € 449

Draw the cards of his romantic future

Coffret Chakra du cœur, Isabelle Cerf, Edition Tredaniel

Should we consider having a baby on our own? Are you going to reconnect with your ex? Is the neighbor a potential husband? Is your boyfriend finally going to ask you in marriage? How to flourish in 2021 ? Avoid bad vibes? It's time to open the chapter of a new year with confidence .

Phew: the medium everyone is talking about Isabelle Cerf allows you to become your own guide and take control of your life with her love guidance kit with 42 cards that will say a lot about your future! During a session that you can do yourself, you answer your sentimental questions by avoiding reproducing the negative patterns and blockages that spoil everything. Dates, places, events ... It lights up everything! With this oracle , you will become the master of your destiny . And that's what is good.

Heart Chakra Box, Isabelle Cerf, Edition Tredaniel , € 24.90

Revise Proust

Guillaume Galienne lit Marcel Proust

Reading Proust feels good but takes a lot of available brain time. Unless the comedians of the Comédie-Française take turns reading you with grace and character. Nice! Michel Vuillermoz , Marina Hands , Guillaume Gallienne , Laurent Stocker , Denis Podalydès , Laurent Lafitte and many others each browse for an hour the best excerpts from La Recherche à Let Go Continuously. And with 39 videos in total, you have enough time to pass it… You will be able to quote Marcel in the text!

Readings available on www.youtube.com

Settle all his shit

Se connecter sur impot gouv pour gérer ses problèmes administratifs

Do you suffer from a mild administrative phobia syndrome? All life coaches will tell you that. The problems that have been put under the carpet are undermining morale. Prevent sleeping. And make you look bad on yourself. And deep down, you know that one day you will pay a heavy price.

So go. Fix the problems while you have nothing else to do. List all the stupid things that ruin your life. Writing them down does not amplify the problems: they allow them to be solved. Here we go. From 6 p.m .: call the dry cleaners to find out if they know where the dress for which you have lost the ticket is. We connect to Impots.gouv to see the extent of the damage, even if it means asking for a staggering (they are open!). We are trying to reimburse tickets on SNCF or your last prescription on Ameli ... Without forgetting the problems of insurance , termination of the Orange subscription of your old apartment. You will see, afterwards you will be proud and you will feel lighter!

Storage and sorrel at the same time

Vendre ses affaires sur vinted

We all dream of a personal assistant who takes care of taking the photos, writing the descriptions and selling the clothes that we no longer wear on Vinted . In fact, you know that you can only rely on yourselves. So now is the time to get started! Once you get started, I promise it'll be fine. Isolate the rooms in a suitcase, set yourself a number of clothes to mail per day and follow our instructions to generate yourself a thirteenth month.

Find our complete tips for selling well on Vinted on www.doitinparis.com

Also discover the podcast everyone is talking about , the Israeli series Losing Alice and 3 alternatives to sleeping pills .

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