Aurore : the surprising new mini-series on Arte

Serie Aurore

Is a child who murders another child a monster? The question is asked with this new mini-series that is coming out Thursday on Arte. Sensitive souls best abstains. This UFO in 3 episodes, a true new-age Dickens with super slick aesthetics, is both troubling and addictive…

Anna Mouglalis, Hélène Fillières (“the” woman godfather in Mafiosa), Elodie Bouchez, Lolita Chammah (Isabelle Huppert’s daughter) : film director Laetitia Masson has gathered the new guard of Frenchie actresses to incarnate the heroines of this dark fairy tale that twists the spirit of Dickens in a bright and evanescent universe, to the rhythm of the amazing sound track of Bruno Coulais

Once upon a time there was Aurore. A 10-year-old girl, who dreams of being a dancer and escaping the crass reality of her life with a prostitute mother who takes heavy duty medication, and hangs out with Chris in the Camargue marshes. One afternoon, pushed out the door by her mother, the inseparables run into a little boy and things go wrong … under the eyes of his little sister.  25 years later, destiny makes these two women meet once again in the confrontation of a need to live pitted against the impossibility of forgetting...

Innocence sacrificed, the possibility of renaissance and forgiving on a background of industrial wasteland, urban misery, sparkles, cowboy boots and tutus… A wide array of metaphysical and social issues, treated as a Western fable that will surely not leave you indifferent...

aurore serie

Aurore, Thursday, January 11 at 20:55 or in replay on Arte or January 9 to 17 on

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