BarreShape, “fitness” operation at Elephant Paname

Barreshape Operation Fit Chez Elephant Paname

Halfway between classic dance, yoga and Pilates,  BarreShape has it all. This should allow you to gracefully sculpt yourself a goddess body.

While no pre-requisite is required, better be in shape to follow 55-minute dynamic floor and bar sessions.

The idea? Working on each muscle before stretching, toning and elongating, in a wildly harmonious way like an Opera ballet dancer. Careful: high risk of muscular aches the next day, especially after the first sessions, total proof that it works!

Legs and fannies get the most workout but abs and arms also perform. Dumbbells, elastics and balloons can also be used. In short, a complete method established by dancer Géraldine Werner, who drew inspiration from her professional experience in the US and London.

The price? 25€ for single courses, 110€ for a card of 5 courses, 200€ for 10 courses, 360€ for 20 courses.

BarreShape at Elephant Paname. Courses are organized every day from Monday to Saturday, except on Wednesday.

Information and reservations and on the site of BarreShape.

Also discover the studio of trendy parisian.

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Where to find it?

Elephant Paname

10 Rue Volney

75002 Paris

01 49 27 83 33

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