Rocket man: the biopic on Elton John

Rocket Man Film

With Rocket Man , the biopic of Elton John produced by ... Elton John , the singer almost sets himself up in God. Let's go for two hours of rhinestones, sex and drugs on a rock'n'roll background .

From Reggie to Elton

Extrait du film avec Taron Egerton interprétant Elton John lors d'un concert au piano

How did Reginald Kenneth Dwight , a shy and hypersensitive child, become the stage beast Elton Hercules John ? It is in the form of musical throwbacks that we get to know this child, unloved by a rigid mother and oppressed by a father, who summons him not to act “ like a girl ” ... While transmitting to him this unconditional love for music.

The click? The departure of his father who leaves him facing an immense loneliness ... and a pile of vinyls of Elvis Presley , who becomes Reggie's idol ! To the point of copying his haircut at 13. It was his meeting with Bernie Taupin , 4 years later, that marked the start of an extraordinary career.

An inseparable duo

A story of friendship that will go down in the annals of mythical couples: the relationship between Bernie Taupin , the author of his texts, and Elton gives faith in fidelity.

In 1967 , the two boys met thanks to the classified ad of a record company looking for new talent. The portrait of a brotherly relationship then emerges that nothing can destroy, not even love affairs, Elton's addiction to coke, or his passion for vodka for breakfast. Fun fact: in 50 years of friendship, they have never quarreled.

The endless quest for love

Extrait du film avec Taron Egerton et les costumes extravagants d'Elton John

Behind all these extravagant costumes , we discover a sensitive, bruised Elton in search of true love with a series of flashbacks on the sentimental life of the singer.

From his most intense to the most insignificant relationships, this is without a doubt the most sincere side of the singer displayed in this film, focusing for example on his marriage to Renate Blauel , a young and pretty sound engineer. After 4 years together, they divorce and Elton finally decides to live his homosexuality in broad daylight.


It is a biopic worthy of a musical comedy that we watch with pleasure despite a lack of perspective on itself so assumed that it becomes touching.

Of note, Taron Egerton's impressive performance in a larger-than-life Elton John . It is a digest of the most beautiful moments of Elton's career (the creation of Your Song , the song that propelled his career, his first concert in the United States that made him famous ...) which give the potato. Guaranteed feel good effect.

In theaters May 29.


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