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Accidental icon … “I never imagined that one day my name would be well-known and that people would recognize my face. I never imagined actually having a unique Barbie doll in my image. I never imagined being on the front cover of magazines at over 90-years-old.”

This is how Iris Apfel, the ninety year old with more than 1 million followers on Instagram introduces her book, launched during the current fashion week.

This work, “Rêverie d’une starlette gériatrique” published by Michel Lafon unveils the state of mind, the inspirations and the advice of the most influent and trendy lady on the planet. Needless to say we want to follow them…

I hate imposing rules to be followed

“People are constantly asking for my fashion advice. I hate giving rules to follow, because what is true for one person is not necessarily the case for another. But here is what I believe. The worse faux pas in terms of fashion is to look in a mirror and see someone else.”

Whomever does not take risks does not know how to live

It’s never a bad idea to take risks, trying something new. You fail if you don’t assert yourself. I never thought that I could not do something because I was a woman. I wanted to create a fabric business, so I found a way to do it. Had I thought too long before founding Old Fashion Weavers, I would probably have focused on the pitfalls and probably given up on my dream. Sometimes it is necessary to take action even if it’s just for one small step.

During the 90 + years that I spent on this Earth, I have applied this philosophy to my life (and my way of dressing) and it never betrayed me.

What makes me see life in pink

  • Slipping inside a clean bed with fresh sheets that smell nice
  • Listening to the songs of Frank Sinatra in the early hours
  • Caviar, my ultimate drug
  • A glass of iced vodka with a few drops of angostura bitters
  • Eating stuffed cabbage
  • Any good version of Lush Life

My secrets for a long and happy marriage

I am always asked what are the secrets of a long and happy marriage (she stayed married 68 years to Carl). I don’t know the secret, but here are a few things that seem important.

  • Respect one another
  • Each one should have their space, don’t be constantly on top of each other
  • Accept to not always have the same opinion – but it’s very productive to try and stay on the same wave length.
  • Be adventuresome, try new things together.
  • Accept to not always like the same things or the same persons.

Don't be petty

Most couples quibble about silly things they exaggerated to the extreme. And there is nothing worse than a woman constantly berating her husband.

Style has nothing to do with wearing deluxe clothing

You can have all the money in the world and no allure. You can show off the latest creations of a couturier, wear on your feet $10,000 shoes, be decked out and bejewelled as for a gala evening, while looking like a Christmas tree.

I refuse to become an old schnock

I consider myself to be the oldest teenager in the world and am quite decided not to change anything.

“Rêverie d’une starlette gériatrique” published by Michel Lafon.

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