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You left fairy tales behind you since our teens choosing more serious reading? Stop leave the serious stuff behind you and allow your dreams to take over! Because fairy tales are filled with therapeutic virtues: anti stress, stimulator of creativity, mediator of psychic life … Good news, we have found for you a fantastic and mesmerising story. Three good reasons to read the tale this summer: A Thousand Paper Birds by Tor Udall.

Because it’s impossible to put it down

We are warning you, this book stick to your skin. Set in London, this tale features give unusual characters, who run into each other while strolling Kew Garden. After the sudden death of his wife Audrey, Jonah tires to reassemble the shattered pieces of his life by strolling the alleys of the large botanical garden. When he meets Chloé, a young shaven-headed and tattooed young woman, expert in origami, a new light brightens up his daily life. But very quickly, strange mysteries perturb their quiet life: where are the parents of Milly, the little girl, quick to laugh, who freely roams Kew? Who is Harry, the gardener in charge of caring for the plants? What are the real reasons of Audrey’s death ?

To dream like a child

This elegant ballet of characters (some of which seem to have magical powers) will make you directly dive into your childhood. The enchanting universe of Kew Garden where each flower, each tree have a soul recalling your cosy moments on the sofa in front of Alice in Wonderland or Pocahontas. In the lines of Desperate Housewife with the voice of Mary Alice Young, the presence of Audrey soars above the entire novel through an intimate journal, with its unsaid things and its secrets. Unhappy not to have been able to have a child, she is the one creating the link between all this strange and attaching characters, lost souls of the novel roman seeking in magical nature answers and comfort. And like in the works of Perrault, this fairy tale end with a morale… Will you be able to find it ?

Because beautiful love stories are endearing

We have good news for lovebirds, those who are passionate and even those who no longer believe in love … This tale is made for you ! A hymn to love, tenderness, the lost being, this book will bring back smiles on faces, (even tears of joy for those who are most sensitive). You enjoyed the yearning passions in the famous Rebecca by Daphné du Maurier? You will adore A Thousand Paper Birds.

A Thousand Paper Birds, Tor Udall, Préludes, €16.90

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