The perfect romantic comedy with Vincent Elbaz

Daddy Cool

Since you are going to have to face November doldrums, might as well do it with panache by rushing off to go see JUST THE KIND of romantic comedy we love: Daddy Cool, signed Maxime Govare, that will surely remind you of Something about Mary, About a Boy with Hugh Grant or I do...

First winning asset, the duo of cute guys : Vincent Elbaz + Grégory Fitoussi, with very strong erotic potential.

All the ingredients are combined to make the heart of  lovelorn Parisiennes vibrate on the difficult subject of the charming, handsome, friendly guy...but totally allergic to any commitment whatsoever.

Adrien -Vincent Elbaz- is a typical case of this species. He is more the serial-lover type that makes the heads of all the 30 year old gals spin. And turns out to be unsufferable at 40 : immature, flirtatious, exasperating, who comes home drunk every evening and works... but not really, in fact.

A slew of reasons that make his wife, a hot 35 year old number (Laurence Arné), successful and dreaming to have a family, end up by dumping him. And we perfectly understand her...

Small problem : owner of a few square meters inside their apartment, Vincent Elbaz, refuses to leave his “home”, totally oblivious to any kind of breakup. And that’s when Adrien, the eternal teenager, not yet ready to have kids, decides to organize a parental caretaking service for kids at home …

We like: a very funny and moving film, that takes on the romantic comedy genre. A real ode to the humour of Judd Apatow that twists the prejudices of fatherhood—or the art of being a perfect dad—whether you are allergic to toddlers or ultra kid-friendly.

Daddy Cool by Maxime Govare with Vincent Elbaz, Laurence Arné and Grégory Fitoussi, to be released on the 1st of November.

Daddy cool

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