A glam’ escapade to Versailles

Escapade Versailles

If you liked watching the TV series Versailles, Angélique, Marquise des Anges and the film Marie-Antoinette, head for the château of Versailles and spend the day nestling in the skin of an influential courtesan at the “court”.

This is exactly what the château is offering through its amazing exhibition dedicated to extravagant festivities of the past. And we might as well warn you, from Louis XIV to the Revolution, the art of revelry was really over the top. #nolimit

Decadent costume balls with incredible spectacles, as well as hunts, operas and money games... The immersive venue (sound showers, life-size reconstitutions, 3D) sends you straight back to the glitzy pageantry under the Marquise de Pompadour or Madame de Montespan. It’s like watching a Sofia Coppola film—live.

To finish on a high note, go snuggle in the  royal setting of Ore, Alain Ducasse’s new brasserie at the heart of the château to enjoy a few princess pleasures: fab view of the palace, coquillettes pasta with top notch ham, comté, cheese and black truffles (20€), lemon pie, plump brioche, religieuse… Tops also, the tea of Reine Marie served at tea time with little sandwiches, cake, madeleine or financier (35€). Grandiose!

ore restaurant

Fêtes et divertissements à la Cour, until the 26th of March 2017. Every day except Mondays, on the 25th of December and the 1st of January, from 9am to 5:30pm. 15 €.

Also go check out Ore, the brasserie of Alain Ducasse at Château de Versailles.


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