Harvey Weinstein: the documentary film revealing the real scandal

Harvey Weinstein and Nicole Kidman

Set for September 9th, the criminal lawsuit of Harvey Weinstein will seal the fate of the ex-Hollywood magnate accused of rape by dozens of actresses. Meanwhile, the one who is still pleading not guilty—claiming all these relationships were willing according to him­— is featured as top billing of Untouchable, to be released on cinema screens the 14th of August. Based on new testimonies for the most part, this very significant film documentary highlights the bullyish advances and devious behaviour of a man with such power nobody ever dared say no to him.

A fearsome method

Harvey Weinstein documentary sample with Harvey Weinstein

Contacted for the project the day after the revelations, film director Ursula MacFarlane, at the helm of the series Captive on Netflix, concentrates on facts prior to 2017.

The first aggression related in the film goes back to the 70s, when Weinstein was a promoter for concerts in Buffalo. On a business trip to New York, he shares a room with one of his  female collaborators, slips nude in her bed  and says “Do you really want to make an enemy of me for just five minutes of your time?” This scene of aggression described nearly 40 years later by Hope d’Amore facing the camera is spine chilling and makes us wonder: what would we have done in her place?

The Hollywood godfather

The presumed victims, amongst which Rosanna Arquette and Paz de La Huerta, describe a über powerful man who used his status to reach his goals. And they are not the only ones. The 99-minute film also interviews a fellow student, journalists and former employees of Miramax and the Weinstein Company—men as well as women—all refer to a silent system, based on psychological pressure and intimidation. Contacted by the production, Harvey Weinstein refused to make any comment.

A film without concession on the one through which the scandal #MeToo arrived. To be noted that its release in the United States depends on the outcomes of the trial.

Untouchable. To be released at the cinema on the 14th of August.

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