“Any resemblance”: what does Michel Denisot's film give?

Toute Ressemblance

Michel Denisot's film is finally coming out… An almost autobiographical feature film in which Cédric Saint Guérande, aka CSG, the hero played by Franck Dubosc, is the star of the 20h of the most watched channel in France.

The genesis

While writing the screenplay, I wondered if I would go through with it ,” he writes in Vanity Fair . Months, not to say years, that we hear about Michel Denisot's film . At 74 years old, the eternal young man promises it: in this feature film which imposed itself on him a little by chance, everything is true.

Back to the Cannes Film Festival , three years ago. It is 2 a.m. As usual, the deadpan jack-of-all-trades tells crisp anecdotes about the small cathode world he knows so well. Brigitte Maccioni, Managing Director of UGC, is convinced: “ We have to make a film! ”. At first disconcerted, Michel finally takes the pen (or his Macbook, we were not there) and gives body to Cédric Saint Guérande , king of the PAF and hero of the film which will be born three years later.

The pitch

Cédric Saint Guérande, aka CSG, in the guise of Franck Dubosc , is the 8pm star of the most watched channel in France (La Grande Chaîne). Driver, designer costumes, second-best wife (Caterina Murino, more Bond Girl than ever), covers of raining magazines, top audiences and enamored public, the king of the Grand Mass is familiar with the gods.

It was 2001 when he entered French homes for the first time at a time when we finally rocked our pumps and listened to the news religiously . Nineteen years later, the great CSG is still in the sky when a new shareholder takes control of the chain. If it seems “ unbreakable ”, its hegemony it seemed eternal could well falter (does that remind you of something?).

Extrait du film tout ressemblance avec Franck Dubosc et Jérome Commandeur

What we liked

- The cast of phew: PPDA , Claire Chazal, Michel Drucker, Joey Starr , Béatrice Dalle , Laurent Delahousse , Laurence Ferrari, Anne-Sophie Lapix, Nikos Aliagas , Sylvie Testud and even Alain Delon , question guests, we take plenty of eyes , with this feeling of having been nicely encrusted in a private party.

- Dubosc, who puts the pedal soft on the patrickchiraquism side and puts on the suit of the odious neo-Parisian who eats at the Avenue and forgets where he comes very honorably.

- Marilyne Canto , the assistant-nanny-secretary, too rare.

- The fine and merciless analysis of a media world of old white males that quivers as the digital age and gender equality redistribute the cards.

What we regretted

- The 99 francs side of the small screen a little outrageous. Too much coke and unaffected characters that a very late redemption doesn't quite manage to make us love.

- A small side “ between oneself ” that the popu Dubosc will perhaps not manage to smooth. “ Ah bha it is beautiful, France from above ”, exclaims the caretaker of the building, played by Sylvie Testud . And that could be the baseline of this film which lacks a bit of narrative and emotional connection. But those familiar with the ruthless media-political universe will love this key feature.


Any resemblance , by Michel Denisot, in theaters on November 27.

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