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Once Slow Dating

This feature is for zippy bachelorettes who can no longer stand the apps of serial-fuckers. And to all the girls whose buddies with the same gal for 12 years suggest to lower their aspirations by meeting “someone” on the social networks.


One could easily spend 4h per week swiping during less than 30 seconds of attention per profile. Worse, this hobby dedicated to finding a partner and practiced by 68 % of the French turns out to be stressful for 10 % of women and boring for 23 %.

Result? Not only do you not have a guy, but in addition your self-esteem is hard hit. Loose-loose in all its splendour.



The conclusion is very simple. It is necessary to change the time-consuming practices that are killing your ego.

In keeping with slow life, the sourcing of products in the food sphere, and upcycling for fashion, slow dating presents itself as the new solution for authentic encounters.

The principle? Taking your time. Consulting a profile with attention. Appreciating rare moments. Creating desire in the noble sense of the term. Old style.

This is exactly the concept of the ultra-disruptive ONCE app, that is creating a revolution in the dating world. Because the best jams are cooked in the oldest pots.

Their principle? The app presents you the profile of just one man each day. You have 24h to like it or not. If there is a match, you can chat, and meet up...


Old style does not mean fuddy-duddy. Certes, you only get one guy per day, but the profile of a guy that suits you.

Explanations. Incredible geeks have conceived an incredible algorithm that uses all the right data to offer a suitable guy on a daily basis.

So, who is Mr. Right? Intellectual Parisiennes will be delighted to be matched with the profile of a young stylish editor who lives in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. When you are Marais fashion horse, you could be paired up with the promising stylist of a trendy brand. And foodies will be enchanted to date a young pastry chef of the 11ème arrondissement with tattoos… Your turn to play!

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