How to copy your favorite pair of shoes?

Chaussures Preferees

Remember his name, because Gaël Moughni could well become your new best friend. A shoemaker for 25 years, this pump genius offers to (re) tailor your favorite pair of shoes .

Those Miu Miu sandals that you never took off, that have passed away but are nowhere to be found? He makes them for you. The same. The Chanel boots that made you fantasize about the last show? Challenge accepted .

The possibilities are limitless. You just have to choose your model, the materials, the colors, the heel and all the details that make up the pair of your dreams . Gaël is responsible for taking your measurements down to the millimeter, to feel as if in slippers. Three weeks later, you get the little wonder. Easy as pie !

From p. from 380 € for a pair of pumps, 480 € for a pair of boots.

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