House of Gucci: what is Ridley Scott's event movie worth with Lady Gaga?

House Of Gucci

This is the most anticipated family saga of this end of the year, and for good reason. With a cast of anthology and a history of murder under the guise of luxury in the Italian House of Gucci Ridley Scott returns to the family business clan the most decadent of 70-90 years, in theaters on November 24th.

Benvenuti among the powerful in fashion

Heir to 50% of the eponymous luxury house, Maurizio Gucci ( Adam Driver ) is infatuated with Patrizia Reggiani ( Lady Gaga ), an ambitious rich kid - his father was at the head of a road transport company - namely -live all relative but resolutely cheeky and bubbly. The two are an ultra-socialite power couple as glamorous as the Brangelina.

But on the business side, Maurizio can't stand his wife trying to get the upper hand over his decisions, some of which have led to hellish legal battles with his own family. Once so fusional, the two tear each other apart to the point of adultery, divorce and then the unthinkable: in 1996, Patrizia ordered the assassination of her ex-husband in front of her workplace in Milan. She will spend 18 years behind bars.

This is not a biopic

Adapted from Sara Gay Forden's book The Gucci Saga , Ridley Scott's fresco ( Gladiator , Alien , Blade Runner ) is reminiscent of the mood bling and disturbing American Crime Story on the assassination of Gianni Versace .

More than a simple biopic on the “ Maurizia ”, House of Gucci offers a dynasty portrait with daggers drawn punctuated by a crazy soundtrack, where the interest of the heritage takes precedence over the emotional and where the power relations evolve. stop. A love story also and above all, passionate and devoted, which started so well ...

A wow casting with Camille Cottin and Al Pacino as guests

Busty, poisonous, carnal: Lady Gaga puts on the vertiginous pumps of the socialite Patrizia Reggiani, a thousand leagues from her amazing role in A star is born which will have earned her an Oscar nomination. In front of her, impeccable and always so attractive, Adam Driver continues to deliver performances of actor bewildering of naturalness and elegance.

There are also the performances of Jared Leto , unrecognizable and rather (too) gesticulating in the role of Paolo Gucci - the stylist and ugly duckling of the family - but also of Al Pacino as mentor uncle and even Camille Cottin to play Paola Franchi , the chic blonde who will attract Maurizio in his nets under the mad gaze of jealousy of Patrizia. Special mention for Salma Hayek , unexpected television psychic who turns into a life coach for Lady Gucci… and will end up in prison too.

In theaters November 24


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