Hurray for couture street-food

Everyone knows about fashion week. But have you heard about Street Food Week?

The mundane foodie event, organized by the blog, is taking place from  the 2nd to the 9 th of March 2016 in several Parisian restaurants. The concept? Nibbling on exclusive snacks created specially for the occasion by top-notch blades. And you won’t be needing a VIP pass for that.

On the menu, shrimp empanada at Clasico Argentino; an oversize burger at B&M; a neo-Yankee pastry at Rachel’s; an exuberant sandwich at Subway… All told, seven porno chic creations to bite into. Don’t forget the shooting on Instagram just before!

Bonus: a pop-up in the Marais, accessible for a week. A backstage equivalent with US grocery products, goodies and games to win gifts.

FastAndFood Week, from the 2nd to the 9 th of March 2016. Cost: 10 and  25€. More information on the Facebook page of the event.

Julie Zwingelstein

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