Jordy Brechkoff, the hair-cutting pro

Jordy Brechkoff Le Pro De La Coupe

If you have hairdresser phobia or scissors angst and are paranoid about color, nestled at Bastille, Jordy Brechkoff’s hair salon is the new buzzing place to go.

The concept: a small cozy hair salon that only welcomes three clients at once, for an ultra private customized rendezvous and personalized advice on the latest styles.

The added plus? Highly trained hair stylists and very attractive rates (between 42 and 50€ for a cut). Finally a hairdresser that actually listens and cuts only 5 cm when you only want 5 cm cut!

Cut on long hair: 50€

Coloration: 35€

Bangs retouching: 5€

Brazilian and Japanese straightener: 200€ & 300€

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Where to find it?

Jordy Berchkoff

13 rue de Lappe

75011 Paris

01 43 57 48 32

Bastille Bastille

Breguet-sabin Breguet-sabin

Bastille Bastille

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