The magic wand for waxing!

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The catastrophe scenario: you have a « hot date » tonight and really hairy legs … Phew, we know the trick to get rid of unwanted hair in a jiffy leaving soft leg.

The concept? A strip equipped with a thin abrasive texture that one applies to the « hairy» area.  Hop: skin is smooth and hairless! A rip-off? No, just a Grandmother’s trick as old as the world that one tends to forget! Ideal for gals in a hurry, oversensitive sissies and those with wax strip phobia

We love: the super slim price and its mini packaging that allows us to taking along or survival waxing kit in a sports bag, an it-bag or a week-end suitcase!

Its high added value? You can use it everywhere, in your car, in the pool locker rooms, the office toilets and a thousand other unlikely places, since it is to be used « dry » for our greatest happiness!

The must: it removes hair fast even in the most unreachable places… Goodbye, hairy toes and hurray for soft knees!

Warning: product to be used with moderation (like all good things) to avoid eventual irritations.

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