The wowie thriller with Catherine Deneuve and Diane Kruger

Tout Nous Separe

You have never seen Catherine Deneuve so badass. Normal: in Tout nous sépare, the new thriller by Thierry Klifa (Les yeux de sa mère, Le héros de la famille), the glamour icon of Frenchy cinema hangs out... with the new guard of French rap, we have named Nekfeu (aka Ken Samaras).

If the improbable duo is already creating the buzz, it is because the main theme of the film is the confrontation between two resolutely opposite worlds. On the one hand, the bourgeoisie from the provinces with Deneuve who overprotects her invalid daughter (the brilliant Diane Kruger), isolated in their huge homestead. On the other, three buddies from the burbs (Nekfeu, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Sébastien Houdani), who survive thanks to not very glorious small unaccountable traffics and dog fights.

At which moment two such opposite universes might meet? We really cannot tell you much more without revealing the surprise at the beginning of the film.

Just know that blackmail and violence do not scare off neo-warrior Deneuve, for whom the role was created. The director even said that the only person who could play the role instead of her… Is Clint Eastwood! Only hitch: the situation is sometimes so unbelievable that you feel like laughing #WhatTheFuck which, you can imagine, was not really on the agenda…

To be noted: the revelation Ken Samaras as actor. Even though this is clearly not a role of composition, it features a pretty nuance for this role of “bad boy” with a big heart, both manipulator and victim. And what great looks!

Tout nous sépare by Thierry Kelfa with Catherine Deneuve, Nekfeu, Diane Kruger et Nicolas Duvauchelle. To be released on Wednesday the 8th of November 2017.

Diane Kruger et Nicolas Duvauchelle

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