Why you'll love Tatiana de Rosnay's latest novel

Les Fleurs De L Ombre

Betrayal, secrecy, suspense, dangerously threatening technology: the count is good! In Shadow Flowers, Tatiana de Rosnay uses the perfect ingredients to get you hooked. We explain to you:

A pitch that we can already imagine on the big screen

Nothing new under the sun, the author of Her name was Sarah knows how to tell stories. This time, she is still aiming right with an original pitch that we would see in a film by Luc Besson .

To overcome the terrible betrayal of her husband, Clarissa settles in a residence for artists. A chance for this writer on the verge of depression: her health and her activity are taken care of thanks to the ultra-modern equipment of the building. The catch? Clarissa feels more and more watched and exhausted. While her cat behaves strangely, the novelist develops a paranoia that worries those around her ...

A novel about the flaws of technology

What if machines were man's worst enemies? Although comfortably installed in her apartment on the eighth floor with a view of the whole of Paris, Clarissa wonders: why do we collect new data on her health every day? How to explain that his digital assistant (the equivalent of Google Home ) seems to probe even his most intimate emotions?

By exploring the drifts of modern technology and the upheavals of life, the author of Boomerang continues to rejoice us with a mesmerizing pitch (and a bit freaking out for the future of our society).

A joyful return to the fold

Hurray, Tatiana de Rosnay continues to wake up our sleeping souls by playing with her favorite themes which always work wonderfully: memory and imprint of places, weight of intimate secrets, all with a diabolical suspense. No more excuses for not staying confined to your home!

Shadow Flowers , Tatiana de Rosnay, Robert Laffont and Héloïse d'Ormesson, € 21.50

Couverture du livre lLes fleurs de l'ombre de Tatiana de Rosnay chez Robert Laffont

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