The phenomenon book on these women who do not love their child

Entre Toutes Les Meres

What if a woman did not become a mother from the birth of her child? What if a mother could not feel love for her baby? Global phenomenon since its release, Between all the mothers of Ashley Audrain explores the ultimate taboo of motherhood in the style of a gasping thriller. Explanations.

The pitch

When she gives birth to Violet , her first child, Blythe fails to rejoice at this “ little bundle of warm, pink flesh ”. Terrorized at the idea of reproducing the errors of her mother and her grandmother unable to love their daughter, this new mother nevertheless absolutely seeks to flood Violet with love.

Under the worried gaze of her husband Fox who is close to their baby, Blythe panics: what is she doing wrong? Why does her baby never reach out to her? Why does he seem to prefer his father to her?

A disturbing and addicting thriller

Over the years, the upset mother sees her daughter become mean to the other children and even dangerous and threatening to Sam, her little brother. As she begins to flirt with madness and perceive her daughter as a threat to her family, Blythe questions herself: who is the real monster? She, unable to love her own daughter? Or Violet, a really vicious child?

In the form of a devilish and breathless thriller, the Canadian author grazes the contemporary model of the mother. Chapter after chapter, the wobbly motherhood of Blythe's ancestors is exposed. Can we ever free ourselves from the wounds of our childhood ?

Why are you going to like it?

A literary phenomenon in the United States and Canada , this first novel, translated into French by the novelist Julia Kerninon, has enough to shake the hearts of the most clinging hearts.

By carefully deconstructing the myths of motherhood, by plunging us into the unstable mind of a mother damaged by her heritage, Ashley Audrain questions, surprises, disturbs and marks. A masterful novel that we already imagine on Netflix.

Between all mothers by Ashley Audrain at JC Lattès (€ 21.90)

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