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Maman A Tort

Adapted from a best selling detective novel by Michel Bussi, Maman a tort, (Mummy is wrong) a TV mini-fiction in six episodes broadcast on France 2, has everything going for it: great casting, stunning decors and mostly, a story that captivates you right from the first images. Bingo! Finally a great Frenchy series for all those hooked on spine-chilling thrillers.

A very intriguing pitch

Everything begins with the testimony of a toddler. Malone, three-years-and-a-half, confides in Vasile, her school psychologist: his mummy is not his real mummy, and his really mummy is in danger. Childhood psychosis? Fantasy of a child who dreams of having another family? Kidnapping? Right off the bat, there are many speculations in the minds of the televiewers. Summed by the school director, the parents pretend that their son has too much imagination. Vasile then asks the police commissioner of the SRPJ from the Havre, Marianne Aubray, to open an inquiry. But she is already quite busy with the bloody break-in of a local jewellery store, with a loot of several million euros at stake. Could the two affairs be linked?

A great casting

Named best actress in a French series during Séries Mania (the Cannes Festival of TV series), Anne Charrier excels as a determined and pugnacious woman cop. The role seems cut out for her. By her side, revolver green eyes and three-day beard, Samuel Theis (good looking guy alert) incarnates a delicate shrink, with disarming charm. And what happiness to watch again the wonderful Pascal Elbé, who plays Papy, the right hand man who is secretly in love with Marianne. But our palm award goes to the irresistible Tom d’Ornano, a cute little blondie who lends his face to the adorable Malone. A star is born!

A hallucinating decor

France has their Gotham City! GPS location? West-North-West. The ultra telegenic graphic decors of Le Havre offer a powerful setting for this multi-tiered enigma. The ambiance of the harbour city in Normandy is superbly enhanced by slick shooting and action scenes very well filmed. So how about booking a city break ?


The powerful universe of a best selling author + a rare and popular casting + a highly original and addictive intrigue = the detective series to include right away in your to do watch list.

maman a tort serie

Starting the 23rd of May at 8:55pm on France 2


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