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A mythical movie house in Saint Germain des Prés. A very amusing comedy. Foodporn eats prepared by a star chef. Would you like to hear more?

If you refuse to feel once again down and out next Monday: we have the coolest experience in December for you to be reserved urgently.

Rendezvous in the super chic movie house, the Étoile Saint-Germain-des-Prés, for movie eats at 8pm (€30) as you have never seen.

Settle comfortably in the red seats of the movie house. For starters: Jean Marc Lalanne, the big boss of the Inrocks movie house, comes to present the film previewed while special dining platters are distributed.

It’s Sylvestre Wahid, who happens to be whipping up the eats. The two-star chef of Thoumieux concocts for the occasion heavenly bento boxes: a couture broth, two fab deluxe bagels and to finish on a sweet note, éclairs & pop corn

Curtain raiser:… Gaspard goes to a wedding, a wonderful comedy with Félix Moati, Marina Foïs and Christa Théret. The pitch? Gaspard, 25 years old, must renew with his family when his father announces he is getting remarried. Between a womanizer father, a much too reasonable brother and a really beautiful sister, he is not aware that he is about to live the last days of his childhood.

We like: a real preview with the team of the film that will recall the anecdotes of the filming and answer your questions before going home with a gift.

Priceless Soûper, Monday the 11th of December at Étoile Saint-Germain-des-Prés cinema house (22, rue Guillaume Apollinaire, Paris 6th)

Rate: €30 (not including booking expenses. Reservations on

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