Petite Manucurist: the nail polish one nabs from little girls

Manucurist nail polish

This should enchant mini Parisiennes… These 9 irresistible nail polishes from the Petite Manucurist collection will make you want to nab them from the school bags of your little darlings.

Its heart asset? A palette of ravishing colours, from peach to light blue, including an amazing pastel yellow, to be matched up with each little outfit, all deliciously perfumed and with formulations without toxic products, guaranteed 100% clean, and to be removed with soap and water. Perfect for our budding stars.

We adore: the pretty bottles featuring animals with cute names, Léonie la renarde, Joy l’oursonne or Lucette la fauvette

Petite Manucurist 8,90€ for a nail polish. Sold at starting the month of August.

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Where to find it?

Manucurist Paris

19 Rue d'Enghien

75010 Paris


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