A new captivating BBC mini-series!

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Stay in bed! Because if you were looking for a new captivating TV series to watch while digging into a great TV dinner: here is the ticket…

And with reason : Arte is broadcasting this week  an absolutely sensational made in BBC mini-series  with Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin adapted from the British detective story and feminist best-seller “Apple Tree Yard” by writer Louise Doughty

To take on the super slick film direction of these four episodes of 58 minutes: the great Jessica Hobbs, who already created the buzz with Broadchurch or River...

So here is the story. At 52-year-old, famed scientist Yvonne Carmichael, married and with children, of irreproachable morality, is giving a conference on contemporary genetics. Her encounter with the mysterious Mark Costley -  who Yvonne suspects is a secret agent – immediately turns into a steaming liaison. And it’s the beginning of a sexual passion between “Mrs Reasonable” and the dark “Mr X”. A few days later; Yvonne is the victim of a violent aggression perpetrated by one of her peers. She ends up telling her lover…Right after, Yvonne is accused of murder and arrested.

Halfway between the psychological thriller and the legal series, this amazing fiction, located in the upscale districts of London, is an echo to the violence made to women… In addition, it pinpoints the injustice  and the pitiless outlook that society and the courts continue to have when it comes to the sexual life of women…

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Sous influence, Thursday the 8th of March 2018 at 8:55pm on Arte and as replay on www.arte.tv

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