Behind bars : the new La Casa de Papel

Derriere Les Barreaux

Good news : Netflix has just announced it was signing a contract with Alex Pina, so that he can develop new series for the platform. But we will have to wait in order to discover them, just like we will need to be patient before watching season 2 of his cult creation, La casa de papel. However his fans are lucky: Teva has just picked from its catalogue to offer us another one of his pearls, Derrière les barreaux/Behind bars (Vis a vis, in the original version).

Extrait de la serie avec Maggie Civantos

The inferno of a Spanish jail

In order to follow the looters from La casa de papel, the strong man of Spanish TV has been playing on the nerves of viewers since 2015 with Derrière les barreaux/ Behind bars, a ruthless prison thriller. Broadcasted since 2015 on the other side of the Pyrénées mountains, the series is finally landing in France starting Sunday the 22nd of July at 20:50pm.

The pitch

Macareina Ferreiro, in her thirties, is organizing her business and calls her mother to tell her she is going on holidays.. before walking into a prison to serve a seven year sentence. Claiming her innocence and convinced that the truth will soon come out, the young woman has a hard time with the tough prison universe.

Claustrophobics should abstain

This is one of the series’ strong points: spectators immediately identify to Macareina, an innocent young thing used to a rather comfortable existence, who having been immersed from one day to the next in a stifling and dangerous environment, suddenly fears for her mental health and her survival.

An incredible scenario

But Alex Pina does not just tackle the ordeal of his unfortunate heroine: he puts in place a scenario with multiple ramifications, opening up several tracks with strong suspense. The life of the other inmates, just like the wardens, leads to different intrigues, that will surely keep us on our toes for a while.


On Teva starting Sunday, the 22nd of July at 20:50pm.

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