What is the Netflix show with Alexa Chung worth?

Next In Fashion

That's it, it's online! The Next In Fashion show has just landed on Netflix after months of teasing. A show in 10 episodes of 49 minutes based on the US model of Project Runway , reality TV style of the sape. A theme imposed by episode, 18 candidates, and the key: a check for $ 250,000 to finance a collection on Net-A-Porter . * cash drawer noise *

To replace Heidi Klum in animation? The it-girl Alexa Chung , in tandem with Tan France , the fashion man with the so British accent of Queer Eye (the New Look for a New Life made in Netflix ). A little candy to devour urgently this weekend, well wedged under the duvet.

In competition

Alexa Chung, Tan France et Daniel Fletcher dans son atelier Next in Fashion

There are 18 professional fashion candidates: stylists, DAs, experienced couturiers who have launched their own brand or worked for big names like Alexander Wang , Rocawear or Stella McCartney . All are divided into an imposed pair that will follow them throughout the adventure. Some know each other, even are long-time friends, and others meet for the first time. Beware of spat!

Among our favorites: the duo Angel and Minju, respectively Chinese and South Korean, who balance color and print with infectious enthusiasm. Another shocking duo: the English Carli and Daniel, both graduated from Central Saint Martins - which revealed Alexander McQueen - and with a big technical background.

In front row

Bande Annonce de la serie Next In Fashion avec Alexa Chung, Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Christopher Kane, Phillip Lim, Elizabeth Stewart et Eva ChenTan France

To judge them (in addition to ourselves from our Mickey pajamas), a patrol of stars: the king of prints Prabal Gurung , Tommy Hilfiger , Christopher Kane , Phillip Lim , the stylist of the stars Elizabeth Stewart or Eva Chen , the manager fashion partnerships from Instagram.

When the head duo Alexa Chung and Tan France , we revel in their English humor and their obvious complicity, as well as their little second degree advice at the end of the episode. Delicious !

Next In Fashion, disponible sur Netflix


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