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It’s Saturday and it’s a free for all. Rosé, aperitif, and a long-lasting evening, the usual… And what it we switched a lazy bones Sunday morning for a feel-good therapy?

A sunday under the sign of chill

Great news! In the mood for a little sun, eliminating the toxins of the night before, working on your bikini body and a fresh complexion? Nothing could be more simple.

Every Sunday during the Spring-Summer season, Passage du Havre is organizing sports courses in its garden. Chill and good vibes on the Passage rooftop.

yoga session on a sunny terrace

A little explanation. Yoga, Pilates, muscular reinforcement or stretching courses to be booked ahead of time, are 100 % free and are practiced 12 persons maximum so that the coach can follow each student from close up

Just book your free sports course, in keeping with your favourite timetable: 11:30am-12:30pm, 12:45-13:45pm or 2pm-3pm for lazy bones.

The must? Why not taking advantage of a shop-op session while you are at it.

Sign up on line here.

Every Sunday starting the 19th of May until 29th of September, except in August. To be noted: courses will be cancelled in case of bad weather.

Séance de sport passage du Havre

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Where to find it?

Passage du Havre

109 Rue Saint-Lazare

75009 Paris

Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

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