Patrick Alès

Patrick Ales

His CV: A veritable avant-garde guru of French hairstyling, Patrick Alès is celebrating the 50th birthday of his mythical salon. Creator of the Phyto brand, he is also the first person to democratize the blow dry as the final step in a trip to the salon.

The spot: Just a few steps from the Champs Elysées, with a magical view on the tree-lined Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Patrick Alès’s salon is reopening its doors after a complete renovation. He now offers 350 square meters of light-bathed space with a careful, chic decor. Complete with 14 styling stations and five private cabins, this high-fashion styling spot offers a complete beauty process for over-booked Parisians: manicure, pedicure, body modeling, and facials offer the chance to be beautiful from head to toe, with lunch on hand if one wants it.

Absolute must-try: While the inventor of the blow dry remains the best in the field, we go in particular for the natural, plant-based Phytosolba hair care, made in France, praised lavishly by the « caretakers » (as they’re called here). The nourishing, regenerating massages with essential oils are moments of perfect pleasure. And the result is perfect!

The extra: A wedding deal that includes all of the bride’s hair, make-up, manicure, and waxing.

Shampoo + cut + style from 120€. Hair dye from 60€. Personalized hair treatment from 68€. Manicure from 35€.

Du mardi au samedi de 9h à 18h, sur réservation.

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