8 stylish and unusual tours in Paris


The whole world dreams of Paris . However, it is sometimes difficult to get out of your block to marvel at an unfamiliar neighborhood , register for an unusual activity or a totally exotic walk!

What if we rediscovered Paris under a new, cool, inspiring eye? This is precisely the great initiative of the Festival This summer, let yourself be guided with a dedicated canon website: letvousguider.parisinfo.com . Zoom in on our favorite tours.

A food trip to Barbès

Let yourself be swept away by the scent of fruit and vegetables at the Barbès market , drink mint tea , stop at a pastry shop on the corner of a street between two fabric merchants and inhale the extraordinary atmosphere of this unique neighborhood and titi who makes Paris! To understand the influences of the 18th arrondissement , the food will tell you more than anything else!

This is the bias of Guillaume, a pure Parisian who takes curious foodies on a brilliant circuit around Montmartre between Goutte d'Or and Barbès to test specialties that you won't taste anywhere else. Normal: the sweet donuts and ultra-foodporn chickpea sandwiches are all specialties that translate the history of Parisian immigration and the local culture broth!

Info and reservations on laissezvousguider.parisinfo.com

A honey harvest at Parc de la Villette

No need to go to Normandy to experience a cool nature trip. Slipping into the combi of a beekeeper (the new trendy job of bobos in reconversion) for an afternoon, it is the highly green and stylish experience that you can try with a metro shot to the > Beehives at Parc de la Villette.

On the program: we start with a little lesson with the big boss to understand how the insane ecosystem of bees works . Then we put on our jumpsuit… and let's go! Once the basics and advice are well integrated, we open the hives, we observe the mechanics of the insects, we locate the queen and we play beekeeping assistants to help harvest the honey . Tasting and gourmet kifs!

From 12 years old, info and reservations on exploreparis.com

An escape game in the streets of Montmartre

Notice to lovers of puzzles of all kinds! This game master will awaken fans of Ocean's Eleven and Sherlock Holmes through a treasure hunt , cracking codes and team challenges ...

We embark on a 2-hour plot between the Sacré-Coeur , the Place du Tertre , the Maison Rose , the vineyards ... but also other addresses and secret corners. A real must for laughing with family or with a group of friends.

From 4 years old, info and reservations on laissezvousguider.parisinfo.com

A walk around mythical Parisians

Isabelle Cocatrix will tell you about the fate of the Parisian icons who make the left bank spirit like no one else. The meeting is made at the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés opposite the Deux Magots . The opportunity to celebrate the sculpture of Dora Maar , who rightly met Picasso just opposite, at the Flore , to become the essentially existentialist couple!

As you walk past the legendary brasseries - places of work and networking for 20th century women artists - the fate of all the iconic women and activists who had made the soul of the neighborhood unfold. So many peregrinations between Jabob, Buci and Dauphine streets to Pont Neuf over the nights with Juliette Gréco, the passionate relationship of Aragon and Elsa Triolet, the feminist vocation of Simone de Beauvoir at Flore, cabarets where has started Barbara through the gallery of Dina Vierny, Maillol muse and legendary gallery owner!

Info and reservations on laissezvousguider.parisinfo.com

An escape to the Ladies' Happiness

Has Zola's novel fascinated you? Did you find the Mr. Selfridge series mesmerizing? Ride a time machine through the history of department stores, shops and the evolution of gastronomy in Paris.

Thought out as a perfect itinerary, we stroll from Bon Marché to La Grande Épicerie without forgetting a tour of the local artisans and the great trendy comeback of small food shops which are causing a sensation, from the Boissier confectionery to the extraordinary expertise of Jacques Genin rue du Bac or Pierre Hermé

Info and reservations on laissezvousguider.parisinfo.com

And also...

Trip to romantic Paris. Before the hipster HQ of SoPi, the 9th arrondissement of Paris was already a trendy haunt of bohemians and courtesans in this very high-profile district called New Athens . Journey into the world of brothels , from Chopin to George Sand ...

Info and reservations on laissezvousguider.parisinfo.com

Lovers of arty vibes will love this stroll through the architectural modernity of the 15th century, between the Seine front, the Totem tower, the Cristal tower, the Javel station and the André Citroën park .

Info and reservations on weezevent.com

A mop is essential in the village of Auteuil , a real corner of the countryside and haunt of writers and aristocrats since the 16th century, from Jean de La Fontaine to Molière ... before becoming the testing ground for the greatest architects such as Hector Guimard, leader of Art Nouveau who produced the famous Castel Béranger , or Henri Sauvage and his Studio Building .

Info and reservations on laissezvousguider.parisinfo.com

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