Copy David Ly's bibimbap

Recette Bibimbap William Ledeuil

We no longer present the chef David Ly who gave us his interpretation of the bibimbap : a “ dragon's kiss ”, a best-seller dish at KBG , rue du Dragon in Saint Germain des Prés


Cook the round rice

Cut about 50 g of cabbage kimchi

Chopped 2 scallions

Chopped a little coriander

Beat 2 whole eggs , salted , peppered and reserved

Meanwhile heat your bibimbap bowl for at least 10 minutes over high heat.

In a frying pan or 1 sauté pan with 1 little fat add the rice, the cabbage kimchi , 1 half teaspoon of Dragon breath pepper , 1 half teaspoon of Carolina Reaper pepper , 1 half teaspoon of Trinidad moruga pepper scorpion , 1 half teaspoon of Korean chilli , the chopped scallion, salt , pepper and a few drops of sesame oil .

Once everything is sautéed and well mixed, pour it into a bowl to give it shape.

Put it in the bibimbap bowl (still on the flames) and leave it there for 2 minutes like that.

Dress with cilantro .

When ready to serve, pour the beaten eggs all around the rice , mix well and taste the dragon kiss bibimbap ...

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