Poivrade artichoke carpaccio according to Flocon

Carpacio Artichaut Flocon

They are familiar with bistronomy. The great team of the Flocon restaurant in the 5th district has entrusted us with the superb recipe for peppered artichoke carpaccio with hazelnuts. Simple and good, as we like!


  • Heat a pot of water to cook the broccoli with 14 g of salt per liter of water. Once boiling, immerse the broccoli for 7 minutes then take them out and put them in a bowl filled with ice water .

  • Mix the broccoli with salt , pepper and olive oil . Once homogeneous, keep the preparation in the fridge.

  • Turn the artichokes to keep only the heart and pass them through a mandolin 1.5 millimeters thick (or slice them very thinly).

  • Place the slices in a bowl with the cider vinegar , olive oil , chopped coriander , onion pickles as well as salt and pepper and let them marinate for 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Arrange, starting with the broccoli cream, then place the artichoke slices on top. Finally, add the roasted hazelnuts and it's ready!


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