Impossible to resist energy balls filled with dried prunes

Energy Ball

Fit French girls revisit this energy bomb, born in California with out famous dried-prunes from Agen! French is the new chic!

For ten pieces.


Mix the almonds in a robot until you obtain a coarse powder.

Add the dried prunes cut into pieces and the lemon juice.

Mix until you obtain a paste.

Allow to sit for 30 minutes in a fresh place.

Then, make the energy balls: take a tablespoon of paste and roll it between your hands until you obtain a nice rounded shape. Wrap each energy ball with the spread of your choice: pistachio, coconut oil, sesame seeds or oat flakes. Serve immediately or set aside in a cool place.

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100 g of pitted Pruneaux d’Agen

50 g of whole almonds

One lemon juice

For the spread :

1 tablespoon of crushed pistachios

1 tablespoon of coconut

1 tablespoon of sesame seeds

1 tablespoon of oat flakes

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