Game of Thrones: the book that reveals all the secrets of the cult series

Secrets Game Of Thrones

The world is shaking. The end is coming! Expected like the messiah by millions of overheated groupies, the GOT finale tumbles on April 14 on HBO (and simultaneously on OCS, at 3 am for the most motivated). Did you think you knew everything about the cult saga? In Game of Thrones decoded, Canal + journalist Ava Cahen reveals a host of new and crisp secrets.

The saga is inspired by a French novel

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! Many compare him to Tolkien , but George RR Martin was actually inspired by Maurice Druon , a French author to whom we owe Les Rois Maudits , a saga retracing the epic of the last Capetian kings. “Believe me, the Starks and the Lannisters have nothing to envy the Capetians and the Plantagenets (…) This book is the original Game of Thrones.

From Balmain to Ikea, fashion according to GOT

Daenerys Targaryen et Jon Snow dans Game of Thrones

At the head of the costume department, Michele Clapton (also at work on the excellent The Crown ) thought of the 7 kingdoms in terms of collections (fall-winter, spring-summer). His creations are all more wow one than the other. Spotted: the dress worn by Natalie Dormer in Season 2, inspired by a creation of Alexander McQueen for Björk, or mantle sublime fur Daenerys in season 7 ... a marvel worthy of Balmain catwalk. Men are not left out. It gets off the golden Jamie Lannister armor, collar jackets mao Tyrion ... But the prize goes to the cape animal skin DIY Jon Snow ... made from an Ikea rug.

Hair designer, quite an art

Sansa's red braids , Cersei's ash blonde , Jon Snow's sexy curls … that's him. Hair stylist Kevin Alexander designed all the hairstyles for the show. If some actresses have gone through the dye box (exit the blonde for Sophie Turner now auburn), others like Emilia Clarke (naturally brunette) have resorted to wigs which required two hours of exposure.

Do you speak Dothraki?

Tyrion Lannister et le dragon

Behind the ultra-realistic dialects of the series hides linguist superstar, David J. Peterson . Disciple of Star Wars , he invented the Valyrian spoken by Daenerys (“ Valar morghulis” , does that remind you of anything?) And Dothraki , the language of Jason Momoa alias Khal Drogo , a mixture of Russian and Arabic. Do you want to shine in society? Go to the Duolingo app which offers online courses. Good luck with the variations.

GOT babies: too much?

In 2012, more than 150 little Khaleesi were born in the United States, and 45 in France since 2015. This is too much for the mother of Dragons. It's nonsense! What nickname will these parents give their child? "She told the BBC, adding" You really have to think about this stuff. It is not an easy name to pronounce, nor to wear ”.

Even more fun facts ...

Did you know ? Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark) adopted the dog who played her wolf; 1350 : that's the number of trucids per season (the dagger coming far ahead of the beheading)… Crazy for even more useless information? Go ahead and devour this bible which compiles an impressive amount of anecdotes , analyzes and decryption ...

Livre de Ava Cahen, éditions du Rocher

Games of Thrones decoded , Ava Cahen, Rocher editions, € 18.90

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