Season 3 of La casa de papel finally on Netflix

La Casa De Papel Saison 3

Careful! This article contains spoilers on the previous seasons.

We were waiting for it with great impatience: season 3 has finally arrived. Need we remind you? La casa de papel is a Spanish series – bought back by Netflix–that has become a blockbuster. Fun fact: it’s the most watched non-anglophone series in the world.


Two seasons, a holdup. At the helm of the operations? El profesor, a genius surrounded by a gang of thugs, with nothing to loose, who decide to organize a holdup of the National Factory of Coins and Stamps in Madrid. At the end of season 2, the crew had managed to escape in the four corners of the world and enjoy their loot. Until next time?

A new hold-up

El profesor calls in once again his gang in Spain. Goal: a grandiose and heroic holdup to free their buddy Rio, the super sext hacker, captured and tortured by the police forces.

This time, the team of La casa de papel openly opposes the State by organizing the hold-up of the century. The plan? Getting their hands on the Bank of Spain’s main safe and taking as hostages civilians against the liberation of their friend.

Love stories, fights, explosions and always the same badass robbers… This season is going to be panoramic.

An association of bandits

We choose the same ones and do it again! Once again El profesor gathers his hit team, with in addition a few more faces we already adore. Monica, the ex-hostage from the Currency department, joins the team next to Denver, and of course, her nickname is Stockholm. Even more surprising, Raquel, the inquirer in charge of the case, meets up with the robbers and takes the name of Lisbonne.

Who would have believed it? Berlin, played by the wonderful Pedro Alonso, is back in the spotlight and unveils his super appeals and sensitive personality

Another interesting character of this new season: Tokyo, interpreted by the radiant Úrsula Corberó. The hot head of the team leaves no stone unturned to save Rio, with whom she lived during 2 years a romantic story on a desert island after their first hold-up.

Season 3 available on the 19th of July.

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