The First: the series with Sean Penn we were all expecting !

The First Serie Sean Penn

A science-fiction series without having to even put down your foot in space? Very clever! Explanations: The First, a new anticipation series on OCS takes on the conquest of space under an unusual angle: training astronauts about to take off on a mission for Mars. As megastar of this US creation signed Hulu: the one and only fantastic Sean Penn, more vibrant (and muscular) than ever.

Life on Mars

The United States, year 2031 (spoiler: cars, screens and phones now work with the help of bluetooth captors stuck in the ears). A visionary entrepreneur, named Laz Ingram (Natascha McElhone, from Californication —a really classy gal) is mandated by the NASA to send a team of astronauts colonize the red planet. While the team is starting its ascension towards the stars, the rocket explodes. Back on Earth, everyone is stunned… The famous astronaut Tom Hagerty (Sean Penn) is then recruited in extremis to save the mission. He has 23 months to train new astronauts before the next launch.

Metaphysical and bewitching

For all those who love galactic battles and mutant aliens, this is not for you. With this handsome – but puzzling­ project– Beau Willimon (the creator of House Of Cards) creates a different kind of experience. Intimate and metaphysical. Light years away from the usual Hollywood productions of this kind. And with reason. Between ambitions, family drams, existential doubts… the spatial saga is mostly a pretext to explore the psychologies of the heroes, who are fighting between the desire to accomplish a life-long dream and the repercussions on their entourage. The film director himself does not see the series as science-fiction, but more like a human narration. Far from the stars indeed but with  a very strong contemplative power.

Sean Penn, as magnetic as usual

For his first leading part in a TV series, the actor-film director, with two Oscars (Mystic River and Harvey Milk) plays a brilliant scientist haunted by the death of his wife (climax of the show: episode 5, with wild sensuality, focused on this tragic event), and the addictions of his only daughter Denise (Anna Jacoby-Heron, impeccable). We like: his handsome bad boy looks (devastating smile and bonus six-pack) who hides a broken heart and faultless loyalty. A great Sean.

The 9th of Ocober on OCS Max at 8:40pm

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